Why Buy Dell Refurbished?


If you're trying to squeeze the most value out of every dollar of your next computer purchase, consider buying a Dell Refurbished computer. While you won't usually find the newest generation products being sold as refurbished, you will often be able to save money and possibly get more functionality by considering a product that's not fresh off the factory line. The average price of new computer has come down, and refurbished computers have followed the same trend - a lot of these can be real bargains if you know how to track them down. 

Go Green!

Re-use of refurbished computers is a recognised way of reducing landfill use and helping the environment. DFS and Dell Refurbished play a major role in Dell’s sustainable Circular Economy. By refurbishing used Dell electronics to the highest standards we extend the Life-Cycle of these products and substantially reduce E-Waste. Dell Refurbished’s global reach and commitment to recycling and reusing Dell electronics saves thousands of tons of waste from landfill each year. Join the growing worldwide movement of people and companies purchasing refurbished computer products - contributing to a more sustainable approach to how we use and reuse consumer electronics. You get peace of mind knowing that you are doing your part for the planet, plus the peace of mind that all systems are backed by a 180 day limited warranty.

Why The Dell Refurbished Store?

Dell Bank International d.a.c. trading as Dell Financial Services (DFS) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Dell, the world’s leading online computer systems company. As Dell Corporate Customers return leased computers to DFS, we select the highest quality systems for refurbishment and make them available for sale through this website. The Dell Refurbished Store is your direct source from Dell for off lease Dell Refurbished laptops, desktops, workstations, servers and accessories.