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How to buy a Refurbished computer

Dell Refurbished Laptop Portable

We break down the best advice for buying a Refurbished Laptop

How to buy a Refurbished laptop

Best Laptops
for Students

Dell Refurbished computers are perfect for students

Most university students have a limited budget to work with when it comes to purchasing new tools for their education, and with that may come tradeoffs when looking for a laptop that will suit their needs.
Best Laptops for Students

Buying Refurbished
for Your Business

Dell Refurbished power for your business

Make a wise decision for your business to purchase refurbished laptops, computers, desktops, etc. for their employees/business rather than buying brand new.

Refurbished Deals

Dell Refurbished has some pretty sweet deals

Whether you need a new laptop or desktop for home, the family, the office, to run your small business or whatever your needs may be, a refurbished Dell computer is a great option at a great price.
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Warranty & Certified

Get a computer that lets you do more, for a price that fits your budget.

All systems are backed by a 180 day limited warranty.

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Buy refurbished
& go green.

Re-use of refurbished computers is a recognized way of reducing landfill use and helping the environment.

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Why buy a Refurbished computer?

If you're trying to squeeze the most value out of every pound of your next computer purchase, consider buying a Dell Refurbished computer. While you won't usually find the latest and greatest products being sold as refurbished, you will often be able to save money and get slightly more functionality by considering a product that's not fresh off the factory line. The average price of new computer has come down, a trend accelerated by the apparition of affordable laptops and desktops in recent years. Refurbished computers have followed the same trend and a lot of these can be real bargains if you know how to track them down. We are here to guide you you through the various things you need to consider when considering buying a refurbished computer. All of this plus the peace of mind that all systems are backed by a 180 day limited warranty.